Lesego Makgale is a Tswana-born South African writer. She was raised in the town of Potchefstroom, where her teachers had a strong influence on her love of literature. Makgale began writing when she was thirteen years old. Four years later, she completed her poetry collection, ode to my dead uncle, which is currently being published in the United Kingdom. Lesego's personality is firmly rooted in humanitarianism. Her passion for helping others is focused on a number of global issues. She identifies mental health, child labour, education, and social and legal injustices as persistent societal irritants. She considers herself a feminist and has been an outspoken supporter of one of her country's atrocities against women: gender-based violence. Her broad outlook on life and being grounded in individuality are concepts that she holds dear because of some of her notable authors, including Charles Bukowski and Oscar Wilde. Lesego is now a freelance writer and editor, with her own website, the publicised journals of lesego makgale, where she openly discusses her struggles with mental health and other issues.

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