Giusy Lawani is an honours student at the University of Durham, where she is pursuing a degree in Oriental Studies with components in international relations. Giusy, a first-generation university student, has been an outspoken advocate of international peace, cooperation, and human rights. She previously volunteered for the United Nations Development Programme and worked as an intern at the United States Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights. Proficient in English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and with elementary knowledge of French and Portuguese, she seeks to be a global leader and to provide the groundwork for the socio-economic development and equality of marginalised communities. Giusy is from Italy.

Institutionalized Racism and its Implications on Human Rights

What is Institutionalised Racism, and how does it affect minorities? Institutionalized racism affects actions and regulations on ethnic considerations to subordinate and control a racial group. In contrast, racism manifests

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