America’s Gun Violence Laws and the Frightened Footprint on its Citizens

As the ever-leading superpower country, the United States of America faces issues with injuries and deaths involving guns, which impacts national security, health, and safety. The second amendment of the US bill of rights states:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

With nearly 20,000 gun laws incorporated in the books, the laws for issuing guns were created in 1934 after the unfortunate face-off with Al Capone. This law stated that there should be a safe way of recording all gun sales in the national registry so that the government can have a hold of security. Congress at that time issued guns in an attempt to improve self-defence for their citizens. The laws also include a clause demanding that guns not be given to unhealthy people or those who have demonstrated acts of violence in the past. This raised many heads from the democrats, and the laws passed were questionable to the public. The populace engaged in acts suggestive of everyone’s right to own a weapon for self-defence and showed opposition to interference from the federal government.

As the debate heats up, the government and the Supreme Court have worked together to keep these laws in the constitution and maintain public safety. The USA has recently begun facing the terror of mass shootings – there have been 2,128 mass shootings since 2013, roughly one per day.  A staggering amount of 21099 deaths have been reported due to guns in only the first six months of 2021. In an attempt to keep the country safe, the government has banned any carriage or usage of guns anywhere near any sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, and government property. The laws are constantly fluctuating based on the development of weapons and dangers in society. Harmless and innocent citizens live in fear of such heinous acts of terror. The government faces immense pressure as these affect the security, but even affect the economy, social behaviour and the public, short- and long-term. The citizens respond to all of this in a very hypocritical manner, some stating they need self-defence for these events, while others say that, without the issue of guns, such crimes will not take place, but all share a concern for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. The shootings detrimentally affect people, affecting their physical and mental wellbeing and making them live with life-changing and perspective-altering trauma.

According to a scientific study, a mass shooting is associated with a 27% decline in the likelihood of having excellent community wellbeing and a 13% decline in having excellent emotional health four weeks following the incident. The effects are more potent and longer-lasting among individuals exposed to deadlier mass shootings. These laws deny citizens a sense of safety and promote using the gun which is the start to all the troubles. Many believe the expired rights should not be revived but rather should be buried for good. There are loopholes in the industry that have welcomed unstable people to take advantage of them and use them against the country’s security. Intelligence services work to prevent any unnecessary occasions relating guns to terror. Citizens, worrying incessantly, wonder if the situation will ever be resolved. The president has been troubled with this problem, yet nothing seems to improve. Things keep getting worse every year, unravelling significant defects and weaknesses in the Constitution and its Amendments. The citizens of the United States of America must unite and team up with the government to help cool down the situation and help America conquer and defeat the threat posed by anti-nationals and criminals, to help America stand on their feet and be great again!


Jugal Gursahani is a student in Winchester School, Dubai, who takes up monitoring investments as a hobby involving real estate, cryptocurrency and even stocks. He hopes to become an investment management major in the future!

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